Pope Benedict Denounces Gay Marriage Hypocrisy

Pope Benedict Denounces Gay Marriage Hypocrisy

By N Oji Mzilikazi

March 10, 2012

Yesterday, Pope Benedict went on a rant denouncing America’s gay marriage lobby, and called for the continued defence of the traditional marriage and family construct.

Considering the huge amount of documentary evidence in regards to child abuse and pedophilia in every corner of the world with a Catholic Church or a Catholic Order – and their cover-up, and that boys are overwhelmingly the victims of their sexual abuse; one must conclude that the Catholic Church has been doing this for centuries, the Church has been a breeding ground for pedophiles and homosexuality, and the Church has lost its moral high ground and the right to pontificate on marriage and the family.

Sexual abuse/pedophilia is a life sentence. It destroys the wholesomeness of the human spirit, the ability of a child to love and trust, and it fuels dysfunction.

Sexual abuse sends its victims along a trajectory of mental issues, depression, suicidal tendencies, drugs, alcohol abuse/addiction, promiscuity, prostitution, crime, sexual perversions, and to even replicate sexual abuse – factors that pretty much minimize the establishment and maintenance of stable and healthy families.

Huge numbers of popes were married, had been married, had illegitimate children prior to receiving “Holy Orders,” were sexually active after, produced children after, and had male lovers during their pontificate. (An internet search will verify those assertions.)

There is no scriptural justification for the celibacy of the priesthood. Leviticus 21: 13-14 instructs priests to take a wife in her virginity.” Leviticus 21: 9 defines the punishment for the daughter of a priest whose career choice is that of a whore.

Pope Siricus introduced celibacy in 386. It is alleged he left his wife and children to become pope. The 9th Council of Toledo (655) declared priests that broke the vow of celibacy and their children would be enslaved. At the Synod of Melfi (1089), Pope Urban 11 added that the wives of priests would also be condemned into slavery.

That didn’t stop priests and popes from continuing to using their robes of power to extract sex from laity, rape and sexually abuse minors and have children.

Imagine the hands that raise and serve communion – the Holy Mystical Body of Christ and bless parishioners, will then turn around and pollute the sanctuary of the Church – do evil to little children; persons the same Church considers precious, innocent and need protecting.

And how did the Catholic Church deal with its pedophiles, sexual misconduct by priests and their fathering of children? It moved them to other parishes, dioceses or different countries. They would be accorded the respect given to men of the cloth, and since none knew their past, were free to prey on a new congregation of young boys in awe of priests and fearful of the devil.

The really bad serial offenders were sent to the church’s clinic that treats the sexual addiction of priests. It’s only within the past decade when the stink of pedophilia reached the high heavens from activism, did secular authorities – the law and order machinery get more deeply involved.

Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding feast, ergo blessing marriage. It was such a potent brew that the people commented to the host that he left the best wine for last. Marriage and sex was so honourable that Deuteronomy 24:5 instructs bosses to:  “Give a man a year off from work to pleasure his new wife.”

Contrary to pronouncements from the likes of Paul, divorce and remarriage were always an option. Deuteronomy 24:1-2 “…write her a bill of divorcement…she may go and be another man’s wife.”

Paul’s response to the Corinthians on the question of if ‘it is good for a man not to touch a woman,” was “It is good for them if they abide even as I. But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than burn.” Nevertheless, when Catholic priests cannot abide, they cannot marry.

Their doxy forbids that which God bless, but they have no qualms seeking relief in Leviticus 18: 22 “Thou shall not lie with mankind as with womankind: it is an abomination.” Isn’t the God of yesterday the same today and the same tomorrow – unchanging?

The path of Christian redemption is by definition narrow. You qualify if you faithfully observe various rules and regulations. Failure to do so meant a removal of grace and blessings from the individual as well as being cast out of the congregation. Leviticus 20: 23 “And ye shall not walk in the manners of the nation, which I cast out before you.”

The Bible thus speaks to believers – God’s people. According to Biblical teachings, homosexuals are not under the blood of Jesus, so why is the Church forever excoriating them – and not taking out the plank that is in their eyes?

Wasn’t Jesus quoted saying, “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto…” If you claim to be Christian, live up to your values and what is expected of you and let others be. Same-sex marriage is no skin off your back. Let them give unto Caesar or whoever. Just as you have your God they may have theirs.

For centuries the Catholic Church held a vice-grip around the throats of mankind. The Catholic Church is responsible for a great many evils in this world, for the divisions within Christianity – “compromising the unity of Christ” as voiced by Pope John Paul11.


Montreal Police Racial Profiling Farce

Montreal Police Racial Profiling Farce

By N Oji Mzilikazi

March 3, 2012

(Remixed from Black History Month: Effective Leadership)

In January 2012, Mayor Gerald Tremblay, Montreal Police Chief Marc Parent, and La Société de transport de Montréal (STM) chief Michel Labrecque announced new policy to tackle racial profiling. For all the applause, no one took them up on their hypocrisy and B.S., given how many times we’ve been down that road.

Mayor Tremblay/City Hall has consistently fought racial profiling cases. As Gaétan Cousineau, president of Quebec’s Human Rights Commission publicly expressed, “systematically blocking complaints of racial profiling against the police force.”

Media houses have been supportive and complicit. Case in point: January 21, 2008, Montreal Gazette Editorial: “Thin evidence of profiling.”…


J’Ouvert Morning

It’s that time of the year again – Carnival in Trinbago. J’Ouvert is my thing. And in memory of that great thing – here is the poem: “J’Ouvert Morning” written in 1974, and which is included in my forthcoming book of poetry- “Shards of Glass,” along with a reworked version.

J’Ouvert Morning (1st  Draft)

By N Oji Mzilikazi



Beyond Sangre Grande: Caribbean Writing Today

Edited by Cyril Dabydeen

February 8, 2012

Caribbean literature has always been exciting and diverse, including over the past decades some of the world’s most regarded writers. Beyond Sangre Grande: Caribbean Writing Today brings together a contemporary selection from key poets and fiction writers living in Canada, the US, the UK, as well as various countries of the Caribbean.

Reflecting a changing world, and admitting diverse cultural influences and generational differences, these writers maintain a distinct Caribbean-ness in their acute historical awareness and in the cadences and rhythms of their language. This collection represents a range of voices, from the established and celebrated–Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott, Sam Selvon, Austin Clarke, Olive Senior—to the new and no less exciting moi- N Oji Mzilikazi.

Pick Up a copy today.

My contribution is a poem entitled: “Shards of Glass.”

Beyond Sangre Grande: Caribbean Writing Today

Publisher: TSAR Publications

ISBN: 978-1894770668


Boston Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas: What An Arsehole!

Boston Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas: What An Arsehole!

By N Oji Mzilikazi

January 24, 2012

It’s a long-standing tradition for the winning teams of America’s major league sports to visit the White House and meet the President. The Boston Bruins won Hockey’s Stanley Cup in 2011, its first since 1972. Their White House visit was scheduled for January 23, 2012.

Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas, the playoff MVP and winner of the Conn Smythe Trophy decided to put his politics ahead of the team. He refused to join his teammates at the White House.

His asinine statement on the NHL website, couching his hatred for President Barack Obama included, “the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the rights, liberties, and property of the people.”

George W. Bush spent 8 years in office. It was under Bush’s reign that anti-terror legislation and the like started to undermine civil liberties.

Obama inherited a system that was in a deficit, a tailspin and full of holes. Obama succeeded in bringing about the demise of Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of the biggest act of terrorism on American soil. Obama succeeded in bringing American troops home from Bush’s ill-advised and illegal war in Iraq.

And Thomas dares to act as if Obama is responsible for the pickle jar America has found itself in. Tim Thomas is an arsehole with a capital A.

500 Goals: Congratulations Jarome Iginla

500 Goals: Congratulations Jarome Iginla

By N Oji Mzilikazi

January 8, 2012

When Calgary Flames captain Jarome Iginla scored his 500th goal against the Minnesota Wild in their NHL game in Calgary, Alberta, on January 7, 2012, the 19,200 plus fans jammed into the Scotiabank Saddledome erupted with Iggy! Iggy! Iggy! and a standing ovation for No. 12 .

I watched the game on the telly, and was all smiles for Iggy.

Since 2004 Jarome Iginla has been my favourite player, and the Calgary Flames my hockey team. I follow all their games. When they aren’t being showed on CBC or  TSN, I’ll watch their matches online. (Their televised matches out west are blocked for us in the east.) If there is no live streaming, I’d listen to Calgary Sports Radio – Fan 960.

Fittingly, Iginla scored his 500th goal in front of his home crowd – his 253rd goal at the Scotiabank Saddledome, and also the game winning goal – the 80th in his career.

In scoring 500 goals, Iginla joined an elite team. He became the 42nd player to do so, and the 15th to do so with the same team.

Congrats Jarome!


John Bolton Has No Shame

John Bolton Has No Shame

By N Oji Mzilikazi

December 19, 2011

In a December 15, op-ed piece in The Guardian (Uk), John Bolton lamented the complete withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. He called it a tragic mistake and stated:It jeopardises the gains made by President Bush’s (and Tony Blair’s) eminently correct 2003 decision to overthrow Saddam Hussein.”

To paint an illegal war- to which Blair, Bush and company deserve to be tried for crimes against humanity as “eminently correct,” underlines the neocon ideologies of prevarication and mendaciously defending the indefensible in the promotion of their politicised version of truth.

For all the evils attributed to Saddam, America’s invasion of Iraq set the country back at least 100 years, and Bolton has the audacity to speak of “gains.” Given the widespread destruction unleashed upon Iraq by Coalition Forces, and the subsequent increase of sectarian violence and suicide bombings against Iraqi civilians, pray tell, what were the gains and who were the real beneficiaries of said invasion?

It is one thing for a foreign power to overtly or covertly support an insurrectionist movement in a sovereign state, and quite another for a foreign power to invade that state. America was not invited by Iraqis to invade the country nor did they do so in support of revolutionary forces trying to overthrow Saddam Hussein.

Other than the companies for whom war and reconstruction are multi-billion industries, Israel was the sole beneficiary of America’s invasion of Iraq. Iraq was invaded on behalf of Israel- to make Israel safer. It was Israel getting its war against an ancient enemy on by proxy.

Some years ago at a Washington 15 Conference, a United Jewish Communities event, Lawrence Eagleburger, former U.S. Secretary of State made the point “that those people who might want to ‘cut and run’ from Iraq now are endangering Israel.” He added that leaving Iraq made Iran stronger. Clearly the invasion of Iraq was all about Israel.

In the aftermath of Iraq in ruins, the entire world was a witness to Israel summarily beating the drums of war against Iran- another ancient enemy, and doing everything in her power to get Bush to bomb Iran before he left office. Especially after Hillary Clinton lost the nomination to be the Democratic presidential nominee.

Since as a senator, Obama had opposed the invasion of Iraq, the proponents for the bombing of Iran knew that in no way, shape or form would Obama as president of America sanction the invasion of Iran. Thus Obama opponents oft described him, prior to becoming president of America and after, as “not a true friend of Israel.”

Nevertheless, we have seen Israel, and both Canadian and American Israelophile hawks continually push the “bomb Iran to save democracy” line. And they always bring it up at times when the Obama administration is under severe stress.

Americans and others have a right to fear the consequences of American troops leaving Iraq. And for that- Bush, Blair, Cheney, Rove and the Field Marshal with their imperial games are to be blamed. They toppled Humpty Dumpty and didn’t clean up the mess – put the country infrastructures back in place. Not that they had any intention of doing so.

How would you feel, if someone broke into your home and completely trashed it? Wouldn’t you be out for revenge and or want to see them caught and punished?

Legally, a person who damages the property of another must make the person whole either through repairing the damage or paying for it. Sometimes the case is made for punitive damage to further punish the wrongdoer.

Millions of hungry and angry Iraqis who experienced the devolution of their nation state by American hands open the door for blowback.

“Karma can be a devastating bytch.”

Is it any wonder in 2008, Republican presidential nominee John McClain indicated he was for staying the course in Iraq. He was willing to turn the invasion for the liberation of Iraq into an occupation – keep American troops in Iraq for one hundred years.

Since the withdrawal of American troops was a done deal, Bolton had no qualms exposing the neocon agenda. “Overthrowing the regimes in Iran and Syria could have been substantially advanced during the US military presence in Iraq,” he wrote. Consequently, he characterized Obama as weak and indecisive.

Who is the beneficiary to a destabilised Iran and Syria? Israel.

It’s interesting the way Americans are so cavalier to the overthrowing of regimes. Yet, when Japan struck at Pearl Harbour and Bin Laden on 9/11, they invoked the mantle of righteousness and displayed wonderment as to why they were attacked. One cannot sow the wind and not reap whirlwind.

Dr. Clarence Bayne, Une Minute S’il Vous Plaît!

Dr. Clarence Bayne, Une Minute S’il Vous Plaît!

By N Oji Mzilikazi

December 5, 2011

Philosophically a contradiction is a unity of opposites. For example: night and day, black and white, positive and negative, good and evil. They all depend on their opposite for meaning.

On the other hand, when a person is called a walking contradiction, there is no foundational or ideological unity or balance. There is no integration of self. The person has no ideological position other than that which is conveniently expedient.

Detailed examination of your words Dr. Bayne reveals that you are a walking contradiction. To repeat, your criticism of others are never rooted in critical analysis but in bitterness and protection of what you consider “your space.”

You come off like those old Arab and African dictators whose time has passed, are bankrupt of ideas, but desperately afraid to go gently into the good night. Rather than be satisfied with memories of the “good ole days of the struggle,” your profitability from it, and be welcoming to new voices, you prefer to do a Mugabe Buthelezi combination.

You come off desperate to make yourself relevant, as well as brutish. Having an oversized ego doesn’t help either. When has any outsider else ever cared about our community? Still, you want to appear to outsiders as being the “Black” voice of reason. What a joke!

Ron Licorish is your buddy. You called him “my friend” (Community Contact 6/1/11). You and Ron, along with several others secretly went to City Hall to inject yourselves in to the Carnival debacle that went before the courts. Yet, in the last Contact you went for Ron’s jugular over his proposal of a Caribbean Canadian Community Congress, and in a rather unbecoming manner. If that’s how you treat friends I can’t imagine you having any.

Licorish was the past president of CCFA. He contributed money to fighting the court case against MCDF. As an officer of the CCFA, his participation as well as any criticism of Carifiesta in the Community Contact is therefore treasonous. Even if Licorish failed to recognize that, surely you with your intellectual perspicacity didn’t.

You never informed Ron as “how going to City Hall go look” to CCFA membership. Having him on board was to have a “Carifiesta heavyweight.” You didn’t see fit to use your profile and act as a mediator between CCFA and MCDF immediately upon the suspension of the 2010 Carifiesta. Instead, like an opportunistic hyena and under the guise of community interests you waited.

And what did the Committee achieved in going to City Hall? Nought. And after your shameless running to City Hall, you had the temerity to attack those invited there, as you described, “to drink cheap wine and eat ethnic food.”

Is that the reason you weren’t present for its Commemoration of the Abolition of Slavery this past August? I can understand. After 30-something years of drinking that cheap stuff with different mayors you can no longer get a “head.” And to know, I thought the Black leaders missing from the event was on account of it not being their initiative but that of Dan Phillips.

Who would’ve “thunk” it was the wine? As both you and I know – Black leaders in Montreal do not show solidarity with one other.  The egotistical need of wanting to be perceived as chief leader has left some unwilling to share the stage and vocalizing the same. Some even bad-talking their “competition” to City Hall.

In your effort to berate Licorish’s idea, you flippantly resorted to saying that even with their Congress; Jews aren’t protected from anti-Semtism. To bring Jews into your argument reeks of intellectual dishonesty. Who can deny the economic and political clout of the Jews? Not to mention, they have friends in high places.

They have a Congress as well as numerous active organizations that defend Jewry and promote its interests. Neither Blacks nor West Indian/Caribbean people have any such institution to look out for the Caribbean and or Africa’s interest. None of the many West Indian organizations/associations in our community has a political mandate, and none of the islands’ associations have ever demonstrated a united front to anything. But ready you were to shut down Ron.

Jewish ownership of media- print and audiovisual allows for their issues and stories to be always front page and center, and their image protected at all times. Media titans Rupert Murdock and Robert Maxwell are Jews. Have you ever seen Hollywood films portray Jews in the manner they do Blacks?

When Canadian media mogul, Israel (Izzy) Asper died in October 2003, Daphne Bramham writing in the Vancouver Sun decribed him as “a committed Zionist.” She quoted him saying, “In all our newspapers, including the National Post, we have a very pro-Israel position.” Izzy also owned the Montreal Gazette.

Repeated letters and calls to the Gazette in respect to their usage of “black” in the negative as in “black mark,” and not capitalising the “b” as in “Black,” when referring to us – for then “Black” becomes a proper noun- grammar 101 teaches proper nouns are always capitalized, are always met with outright refusal.

Calls to the Gazette over their allowance of “Niggas” to be published, rather than the “N-word” in T’cha Dunlevey’s November 24 review of the Jay Z and Kanye West show was met with indifference. Even the blind can see that a strong Black organisation can pressure the Gazette in ways individual voices can’t.

Have you ever endorsed or promoted anything that wasn’t your own Dr. Bayne? Self-conceit allows you to believe you are the only person who can do things right.  You put forward, The community leadership that is getting the attention of the various levels of government do not seem to understand the economics of entrepreneurship.” (Community Contact 8/4/10)

For good measure you signed off as president of the Black Studies Center (BSC) and director of ICED, JMSVB at Concordia University. Titles that indicate you are eminently qualified to dispense, and further you, because you had your own entrepreneurship thing going.

While you want to go about triumphantly beating your chest like a big “sawathie,” do you care to explain why your, and the much lauded by you Black Studies Center (BSC) lost its Tax Exempt Status in 1986? Up until recently, and Peter Francis efforts to its revitalization, it was still being under-utilized.

By virtue of offices held, you were part of the cadre of leadership that have the community presently on its knees. So it is duplicitous and hypocritical of you to present yourself as insightful.

When Bob White pointed out that Blacks didn’t own Union Church, your response was that the St. James United Church roof is leaking and its steps crumbling and the catholic religious institutions are infested by pedophiles.” (Community Contact 4/11/10)

That “why complain when others have it just as bad” tact of yours, is Uncle Tominism and appeasement to a warp ideology at its best. Like the Jews, St. James’ access to resources is 100 times easier than Blacks.  And to know Dr Bayne, you are an educated man who “fought” for Blacks back in the day.

You gave a “props” to the satire of Bob White then condescendingly put him down with, “It needs fine tuning.” Isn’t White is the same guy you described  as the inner voice of fear and low self-esteem…the embodiment of hopelessness?” And that “he and his barber shop boys are depressingly wrong and disrespectful.” (Community Contact 4/11/10)

Have you ever reach out to Bob to enlighten him on the ways and means to improve his satirical skills?

As an elder in the community, have you ever privately reached out to anyone, including any among those you described as “so-called Black columnists” to teach them the error of their ways?

As implied in that phrase, you even want to deny them their blackness. Clearly that green-eyed monster has gotten the better of you. And to know Dr Bayne, you are an educated man who “fought” for Blacks back in the day.

Then again Clarey, you were always a reactionary. Weren’t you the co-editor of Umoja – the Black newspaper founded in 1969 to counter UHURU, the radical Black Montreal newspaper?

Such is your disconnection you advised the youth (Community Contact 4/11/10) not to allow themselves “to become victims of hopelessness.” Threw in “failure is the fabric from which human species construct success models.” Also foolishly quoted, “Feel the pain and fall, but rise again to feel the pain again” from the 1970 Black Theatre Workshop (BTW) play, “How Now Black Man.”

Consider that in your April 8, 2010, Community Contact article, “25 years and no change” you made the point, “The data on employment over the last quarter century show that…whether the person has a degree…Blacks live out lives exposed to low incomes, and employment…the market discrimination against Blacks is persistent, pervasive and brutal.”

Against entrenched and deliberate racism and discrimination it is impossible to “construct success models” unless through legal challenges. So that axiom about “failure” is applicable to whites and others who are not actively discriminated against.

Only sadists embrace pain. Pain can twist a soul to hate the world. No person wants to fall and rise to pain. That a Black professor said it in a play doesn’t make it logical. Then again, there are “educated fools from uneducated schools” to quote Curtis Mayfield.

In an April 05, 2008, Gazette interview with Rev. Gray about Black leadership and educators discussing an Afrocentric school, Gray stated, “We have kids dropping out of school and dropping into prison. A 40-per-cent dropout rate for blacks – when blacks are seven per cent of the population.”

Such statistics show that our youths are already victims of hopelessness Dr. Bayne. Several studies by McGill University- namely, a Black person with a university degree is on par with a white person without one, and that that white person has a better chance at employment than the Black with certification reaffirm conditions that lead to hopelessness.

Must one imagine the employment prospects facing uneducated Blacks? So, why your obtuseness in regards to the prevailing hopelessness that is consuming Black youth, and which is accentuated by racial profiling and police harassment?

In “Who is this Garvin Guy?” (Community Contact 4/11/10) you said to the youths, “Have a good time, party, get down, but persevere in following your dreams.”

Is that what our youths need to hear given the current economic climate worldwide, employment unavailability brought on by outsourcing, the huge unemployment in the Black community, and the paralysis and dysfunction that define our community?

Hasn’t the race been forever consumed with partying? We have no infrastructures in place, much more own the places we party- and that is your advice. Shouldn’t we cease building other people empires, stress sacrifice and delaying personal gratification to our youths to actualize their dreams?  And to know Dr. Bayne, you are an educated man who “fought” for Blacks back in the day.

You delight in waving the BTW as a Black achievement. What has it done for the community? Where are our local playwrights and local plays? Have you ever opened up its space for the development and or rehearsals of local plays being staged in a “community” location, or did a  BTW production just for community consumption or for a community event?

Maybe you need to go to Jamaica and Trinbago and experience the vibrancy of their theaters/plays – the speaking of them to them without the slightest desire or thought of outside authentication or appreciation. All BTW productions target the white community.

In a November 2010 Hour magazine interview you said that 70 per cent of the BTW audience is white. While a lot of times people hide behind, “We (Blacks) don’t support we thing,” the question that is never asked is if the community was ever targeted and how. And a lot of times it isn’t effectively marketed to – putting flyers in locations that serve the community is not sufficient unto itself.

Is the concept of selling blackness to whites the rationale behind you saying we “must have the courage to reach beyond our ethnicity, we must step out of our cultural box without forgetting its location.” (Community Contact 9/9/10)

I have no problem with any whose master plan is to pedal blackness. This I know. One cannot habitually cater to whites and not lose part of their soul and or be disconnected to the Black struggle. Folks like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson and O.J. Simpson quickly come to mind.

At one point in time the Communist Party used white women to entrap the Black intelligentsia. And so many Black communists like CLR James married white. James wife was Jewish. Black power gave Black men access to the forbidden fruit of white women and boy, did they eat.

Harry Belafonte is mixed. That plantation derived “one-drop” rule of ethnicity pretty much made him Black and having no choice but to align with Black causes in America.

Belafonte’s first wife is described as a “well-to-do Negro girl.” I’ve never seen a photograph of her to note her skin-complexion. Belafonte then married Jewish.

I have never seen a photograph of the husband of Adrienne, his eldest daughter to know if he is white.  However, his son David married white, his daughter Gina married white, and daughter Shari married white twice.

One could surmise that while Belafonte’s grandchildren are going to recognize his contribution to the Civil Rights struggle, their racial blend-diminished blackness positions them to be far removed from the sphere of contention and struggle people of African descent continue to experience.

That none of his children married Black- given his lifework speak volumes and epitomizes “reaching beyond our ethnicity and stepping out of our cultural box.”

While there are talkers, there are those who walk the talk.  Upon discovering Black consciousness, LeRoi Jones divorced his Jewish wife. It was undoubtedly a rather drastic move. He felt having a white wife was incongruous to Black pride. What a man, eh!

Jones became Amiri Baraka.  And since Dr. Bayne, you have a relationship with Baraka, you gladly quoted him to support your put down of Licorish but you couldn’t walk in his shoes.

Dr. Bayne, you enjoy being the drum major for “progressive blackness” and yet had the nerve to say to our youth, “The time has come to when you must truly reconstruct our noble past.”

Pray tell, what glorious past are you talking about? The mythical when we were Kings, island tribalism, divisiveness, and the weak infrastructures, lack of economical and political empowerment the progenitors of today’s youth – the immigrants that came in the early 60s and early 70s left?

All around us our organizations are dead, dying a slow death or going out of business because of fossilized leadership rooted in antiquated ideologies, dictatorial leadership, bad and mismanagement, cronyism, persons feeling they are bigger than an organization, and leadership only doing for self?

Should I use quotes from your September 13, 1993, letter to the BCCQ attesting to some of the same, and which outlined reasons for your withdrawal of the BSC from under their umbrella? And I’m not talking about you saying things like the BCCQ leaders “are repeat offenders, poor management is chronic and where highly risky behaviour is justified by statements such as we cannot dwell on the pass.”

Deceitfully you penned a full page response (Community Contact 7/21/11) berating me over my castigation of leadership.

Obviously my comments are still “stuck in your craw,” as evidenced by your wonderment as to why “there was no public outcry” over them. (Community Contact 24/11/11)

Haven’t you recognized that my assertions are always supported with facts: who said what, date, time and place – that I’m sure an Internet search will verify?

I hope you aren’t labouring under the impression that I arrived here on the last banana boat. It was actually the second to last.

Fact: many of our community stewards betrayed both the community and the cause- promoting its advancement, because of of what they could extract either through the funding/government grant money that came their way or through seeking to financially exploit the name recognition they received from community work.

That none of our stewards were ever publicly censored by “us” or by outsiders, or none of them made a jail doesn’t mean books weren’t cooked, and “bobol” and “rachafee” didn’t have their way. And that applies to those in the promotion/fete business also.

In quoting Frantz Fanon’s “Wretched of the Earth” you said, “We must look within ourselves and face our own lies.” At least, I know my mirror isn’t broken.