CIA Torture Report: Illusions of Legitimacy

December 11, 2014
The recently released CIA Torture Report prompted my posting of this poem titled, Illusions of Legitimacy. Written in March 2008, it is taken from my unpublished poetry compilation, Drunk, I Wasn’t Drinking.


Illusions of Legitimacy
By N Oji Mzilikazi

When it comes to the blight that is terrorism
No war is thought of as being in error
Even in the face of skewed facts, dubious intel
Or if it will bring the world closer to that Hour
Nothing must obstruct global Pax Americana.

Be rest assured, in that quest
America will not and does not support torture
Known knowns is the axis of evil
But hiding in the closet of righteousness
The more dangerous clique of boll weevils
Megalomaniacs with visions of an imperial order
A petroleum base mandate, a new world disorder
Arrogation of executive powers
Plausible deniability courtesy constitutional lawyers
Infidelity, apostates, variance to policy, ideology
Fired, exposed in the press, dealt with ruthlessly
The Oval Office insists on dignity.

In the name of fighting, eradicating terrorism
Propaganda peddled on radio, tv, newspapers
Pentagon FBI, White House, CIA capers
Colour codes of fear, coercive interrogation
Subornation of perjury, subversion of conversation
Homeland insecurity to curtail rights and liberties
Electronic surveillance legislation
Eavesdropping, warrantless wiretapping
Loss of Habeas Corpus, rendition, water boarding
Black sites, floating prisons, ghost detainees.

The majority of junior’s administration
Affiliated with, a re-creation of an earlier klan
Abrams was pardoned for Iran Contra crimes
Junior reinforced the redemption
Deputy National Security Advisor the position
A Wolf with Tenets, Bolton of Woolsey, Gaffney,
Armitage Scooter with Feith, Karl and Perle
Northrop Grumman, BP, Shell, Exxon, Chevron
Blackwater, Bechtel, Lockheed Martin, Halliburton
The Center for Security Policy
General Dynamics all holding junior tightly
They can’t afford him letting a bad one slip
Affect their imperial games, damage profits.

The Secretary of Fate took the initiative
America’s everlasting future they must secure
The sun over the nation shining forever to ensure
The red, white & blue must never be held for ransom
So if it means facilitating drilling in Alaska
Destroying the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Environmental issues on pause, put on ignore
A missile shield, policy of aggression, pre-emptive war
Long must live the Star Spangled Banner.

The Committee on the Present Danger
Rubber-stamped the administration’s mission
Victory Over Terrorism
Mandated America’s global responsibility
Is the international promotion of democracy
Foremost on the agenda — Freedom Iraqi.

POTUS sent a warning to Ali Baba
Open Sesame or face him
The big bad Texan, the world’s most powerful Djinn
And horrific transportation to Hell — not Maghreb,
A place where no virgins are waiting
But when Darth Vader served Reagan
He forged an alliance with the Babylonian
Their mutual enemy — Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini.

The U.S.A. supported his administration
The C.I.A. trained his people in the ways of terrorism
And when on his own — the Kurds in Hajabja
The sword wielding Sultan used chemical weapons
The U.S. of A and Britain swallowed their tongues
Not a word; anything remotely related to mass destruction.

The Machiavellian expediency of opportunism
Transformation of ally into enemy
Resulted in the dictatorship of the Babylonian
His owning W.M.D’s bad for the region
An ouster necessary, a justifiable action.

Humpty Dumpty was torn from his height
Now it is impossible to get Iraq back to working right
U.S. soldiers hoping for no more deficient Kevlar
Praying desperately for a true live Aladdin
Obama for president; to bring them home from a losing fight
They don’t want to spend another sleepless night
Face another thousand and one more IEDs,
Suicidal, deadly male and female Arabian knights.

Declaring a pullout would harm Israel’s security
Candidate McCain would have them stay a 100 years
Lawrence Eagle and other Zionistic Burgers serving
Leaving Iraq would only make Iran stronger
Our sacrifices will be worth it, says King Liar
Tall tales to justify imperial ways
Strategically reshape power in the Middle East.

Coming soon in IMAX
Military assaults by American Spartans on Xerxes.

Copyright © 2008 by N Oji Mzilikazi, All Rights Reserved