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  1. Brilliant writing just wish I could get every one in Nova Scotia, to read and believe, and after belief tho find some form of action or witness. I am one of those Aborginals of Caledonia, off the reservation for some years now, still learning. Back there they refer to the English immigrants moving up with their real estate fortunes as “white settlers”, however none of them are really travelled enough to see the real post colonial reality, in all it’s nastiness in Canada, still, the fact that any of the so called white folks would even begin to wonder which side of the divide they are on, even in tasteless humour is that first grayness before dawn. Who told them there was such a thing as white people? Everyone seems to have forgotten all the high end genetics in the 1960’s Lewontin et al that showed that while racism is real, the concept of race is false. The English had a tradition of racist caricature of the Irish, lots of books about it.
    Do you find any use of Radley Balko and Rise of the Warrior Cop and his blog? The Honest Courtesan blog, or Brown Moses blog with the hackgate files and the cover up of the Stephen Lawrence murder back in England.
    Anyway, if you are ever in Halifax, look up El Jones an Word iz Bond, they always need solidarity in dealing with our instiutional racism.
    Poets love paradox, so here are two for you,
    1) there are no paradoxes, someting is true, something is false, paradox is an illusion caused by a false frame of reference
    2) there is no bent legal system, if it is bent, it is not legal at all, resolving the paradox of bent legality reveals a system for the administration of criminal injustice, regardless of birth, wealth, or the mix of those 6 or so genes governing melanin.
    3)discuss the likely verdict if Trayvon Martin had been an off duty blonde female police officer, and the shooter had been black male, before revealing the real sex and skin colour.
    Keep it up, thanks for the tobacco article

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