Good Morning Vietnam! America’s Ill-Fated War of White Supremacy

By N Oji Mzilikazi

30 April 2015

Today marks the 40th anniversary of America’s disastrous incursion into Vietnam. And much like George W. Bush WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) based invasion of Iraq, it was a war predicated on lies (the fight against communism) by one U.S. president, and expanded to include other South Asian nations, by another.

On April 30, 1975, North Vietnamese tanks rolled into Saigon, then the capital of South Vietnam, forcing the American juggernaut; the world’s superpower to flee with her tail between her legs, ending a decade plus war with the North to unite Vietnam.

Vietnam was once the jewel of the French empire. There came a time when the Vietnamese were no longer accepting of French Imperialism and armed resistance was the order of the day.

When the French, bankrolled by America lost at Dien Bien Phu in 1954, American pride was hurt. America was more than willing to step in and teach those “yellow bastards” a lesson.

The Geneva Accord of 1954 stated that Vietnam would remain separated for two years, and then reunite in a free election. Afraid that North Vietnam would win the 1956 elections, President Ngo Dihn Diem of South Vietnam, refused to allow South Vietnam to participate. North Vietnam then decided to remove Diem from office.

America was not a party to the Geneva Accord of 1954. Rather than let the Vietnamese work out their problems; view the desire of North Vietnam to reunite the country as being in the same spirit as that which sparked the American Civil War (Some Southern American states seceded from the union.), America transformed Vietnam’s war of unification as protecting the democracy of South Vietnam from communism of the North.

America had learnt nothing from their involvement in Korea, and the needless deaths of thousands of U.S. soldiers.

In keeping with the American propaganda machinery telling that brave American soldiers were fighting in Korea for democracy and freedom, Americans at home were told it was the same with Vietnam.

More bombs were dropped on Vietnam than what was dropped in World War II.  Mind you, World War II was spread over areas far and wide, while Vietnam was a fixed area.

Thanks to Agent Orange, Agent Purple, and Agent White, Vietnam has the largest dioxin contamination in the world.

America used those toxic chemicals to destroy the forests and deprive the Viet Cong from a place to hide and launch an attack.  The severe and unparalleled bombardment of toxic chemicals resulted in residue diffused throughout Vietnam’s food chain.

Forty years later, children in Vietnam are still being born poisoned, blind, deformed, and handicapped because of those toxic chemicals, while the manufacturers of those poisons and their stockholders continue to enjoy the profits brought on by their usage.

Vietnam was a failed war of American aggression; a failed war of white supremacy.

Where Is Your Integrity Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr

By N Oji Mzilikazi

20 April 2015

As an issue of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and European colonialism; people whose roots and cultural DNA white people sought to deliberately excise, and to a great extent successfully did, I enjoy the PBS documentary, Finding Your Roots.

I marvel how researchers can pick up the broken paper trail of their subjects; delve deep into the crevices and recesses of the past and bring forth clearly astounding information. I get a kick out of their subjects’ reactions, especially when they recognize they have the same internal drive/predilections as one of their newly discovered ancestor.

Although I am glad for them, every time I watch Finding Your Roots, my mind is temporarily invaded by thoughts of the millions of people of African descent whose roots are permanently lost; broken in many places by historical forces over which they had no control.

Since descendants are not responsible for the actions of an ancestor, one would think that Finding Your Roots would be truthful and honest, even if the path to discovery reveals painful episodes in an ancestor’s past. That was not the case when Ben Affleck was a subject.

Viewers were told Affleck’s people participated in the American Revolution and the American Civil War, and that his mother was a Freedom Rider in the Civil Rights era. Ergo, Ben Affleck is from “righteous” stock. Not publicized was that one of Affleck’s ancestors owned slaves.

As revealed in Wikileaks posting of leaked Sony emails, Ben Affleck wanted the producers of Finding Your Roots to edit out details of how his ancestors were slave owners even though it was a breach of PBS editorial rules.

Interestingly, the careers of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were launched in School Ties (1992), a film about a student hiding his Jewishness to fit into prep school.

Rather than demonstrate testicular fortitude and say, “No, can do,” Henry Louis Gates Jr, the producer and host of Finding Your Roots reached out to Sony chief executive Michael Lynton for advice.

Lynton’s email to Gates reads: “I would take it out if no one knows.”

Gates is a professor at Harvard. Gates also makes his living from African American and race issues. He of all persons knows the deliberate historical vagueness that envelops slavery, and that peeling back the curtain — especially when not from a shaming perspective is good.

Gates of all persons knows there should be no equivocation in that regard. Yet, her suppressed the slave ownership in Ben Affleck’s ancestry.

What a betrayal by Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr!