Canada General Elections 2015: A New Dawn For Canadians

By N Oji Mzilikazi

19 October 2015

After ten years of promoting and executing a right-wing agenda, after ten years of subverting democracy, after ten years adhering to an extremely biased Middle East policy, and after introducing law and order policies that hasn’t worked in The United States of America; decades of tough-on-crime legislation and minimum mandatory sentencing that have American prisons bursting at their seams have resulted in prison and parole overhaul/reform, the ending of harsh sentences for drug users and long term-incarceration of the nonviolent offenders, and judges asked to preserve judicial discretion — implement smart sentencing, and after using the politics of fear to implement Bill 51, not to mention pursue aggressive Canadian militarism, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party is out.

Today was a good day!

World Poetry Day 2015: Democratic Autocracy

By N Oji Mzilikazi
8 October 2015

Privacy, an open, free, and fair political system,
Civil liberties, the right to free association,
Freedom of speech, rights of dissent, peaceful protest,
Rule of law, unbiased justice, autonomy of the judiciary,
Transparency, accountability, checks, balances,
A free press, the press as guardian of public interest,
Independent watchdogs, freedom of information
Trumpeted as the beauty, superiority of democracy,
Eternal vigilance — its price.

Vigilance now has democratic freedoms under siege.
Public Order, fighting terrorism, counterterrorism,
Justifying fascism, democratic authoritarianism,
Punishing whistleblowers, incarcerating journalists,
Have law enforcement beyond judicial oversight,
In service of new feudal — international overlords,
Militarized for dissent, oppression, suppression.
Its agents infiltrate, subvert organizations,
Sabotage peaceful protest for intervention.

Governments instilling a culture of paranoia, fear,
Executing control as national security,
Engaging in misinformation, covert, overt deception,
Controlling data, information, criminalizing dissent,
Flouting its constitution, laws, limiting,
Suspending rights fundamental to democracy,
Implementing intrusive, pervasive surveillance,
Secret courts, secret trials with secret evidence,
Testimony by secret witness.


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