UPDATE: Abortion: Republicans Hate Planned Parenthood — And Women

By N Oji Mzilikazi

31 March 2016

In a MSNBC moderated town hall meeting in Wisconsin, yesterday, Republican presidential contender and front-runner Donald Trump said people in certain parts of the Republican Party and Conservative Republicans believe that abortion should be punished if made illegal — as if he is a middle of the road candidate.

Pushed by moderator Chris Matthews as to his position on issue, Trump reiterated he is pro-life, against abortion, and revealed he subscribes to those sentiments as well. Trump voiced that women must indeed face some form of punishment should abortions be banned.

Earlier today, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced he had signed three bills targeting abortion providers.

The war against women; the push to criminalize abortion, make abortion almost impossible, and for men to re-establish territorial rights over a woman’s body is increasing in intensity…


Poem: Groundation For Contemplation

Groundation For Contemplation
By N Oji Mzilikazi
29 March 2016

All societies have a right-wing, extremist or lunatic fringe.
People who see themselves as guardians, nationalists, ultra-patriotic,
Defenders of country, culture, purity, racial superiority,
As well as zealots — with no loyalty but to their own absurdity.

Under all their nationalism, religious, racial, political sloganeering,
Theirs is an ethos of selfishness, criminality, gangsterism, banditry,
Enslavement under political, religious, racial, ethnic banners,
Political, social instability for personal, financial gain.

Their politically extreme, militant rhetoric of hate, faith,
Cannot but resonate with the gullible, those lacking self-esteem,
Illiterates, societal dropouts, the poor, the chronically unemployed,
Introverts, and those with myriad assortment of grievances, hurts.

They cultivate, select those with mental issues, the naïve and malleable
To fulfill their political dreams — implement deadly instructions,
Install their bigoted agenda, new hierarchy of inequities,
And be martyrs — marionettes for their streams of extremes.

It is wickedness — unadulterated evil that initiates, direct, dictate
The slaughter of non-combatants — innocent men, women, children.
Should any invoke religious ideology or a scriptural text as justification
Know that it is Satanic — it emanates from a deity of darkness.

No true God worthy of prostrations, kneeling, adoration, devotion,
Demands religious driven murders, rejoices in human sacrifice,
Bestows honours for carnage; death, injury to soft targets
Regardless to the religious dressing of those horrific crimes.

Self-explosion among innocent citizenry is never liberation,
Praiseworthy, an open door to heaven — matriculation to salvation.
Guaranteed is widespread condemnation, hatred to their cause,
Daily prayers by many for their eternal damnation.

People commemorate, celebrate noble deeds, solemnize tragedies.
The ambassadors of hate, lords of war and butchers of men
Are never elevated, respected, applauded or rewarded.
Still, the ignorant, the deluded believe that path advances, achieves.


Copyright © 2016 by N Oji Mzilikazi, All Rights Reserved