The Great Black North: Obfuscations of Academia

A Year ago Frontenac House published THE GREAT BLACK NORTH: Contemporary African Canadian Poetry.

The compilation was so well received that Frontenac House has published a School Edition. The book is already being used extensively throughout Nova Scotia. This is my contribution.

Obfuscations of Academia
By N Oji Mzilikazi

When it comes to democracy,
pursuit of the good life, making money,
subjects and verbs aren’t expected to agree,
free enterprise is trumpeted,
free speech is holy,
like eloquence,
education is celebrated, applauded,
given leadership, economic development roles.

Prosperity: power of affordability, indulgence,
culture of youthfulness, sexuality,
engendering casualness to the seriousness,
complexities, demands of responsible parenting,
educational amnesia-
forgetfulness as to its transformative power,
investing in their child’s future.

Abrogation of responsibility-
ignoring oppositional attitudes, bad behaviour,
laxity ensuring assignments, study gets done
have children not interested in learning,
underperforming, failing, dropping out,
disconnected, dismissive to society’s mores,
schools charged for parental failures.

Educational institutions
confused about their raison d’être, failing
to demand higher standards from faculty,
uphold academic excellence, teaching accountability,
release those who have lost their passion,
invest in teacher re-education programs,
inspire, raise students’ educational aspirations,
unleashing mobs, gangs, populations,
unable to advance themselves, society.


Copyright © 2013 by N Oji Mzilikazi, All Rights Reserved

Originally published in:

THE GREAT BLACK NORTH: Contemporary African Canadian Poetry Frontenac House 2013
ISBN 978-1-897181-83-6