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Leadership & Montreal’s Black Community part 2

Leadership & Community Part 2

By N Oji Mzilikazi
(Originally published in Montreal Community Contact volume 20,#23)

December 2, 2010


1 thought on “Leadership & Montreal’s Black Community part 2

  1. N Oji, thanks for mentioning your website. I’ve quickly glanced at the poems (I like them, though I found the rhymes unnecessary), the info about the killing of FV, and read this piece about building community. It resonates. One feels a certain helplessness. All the issues you raised I have at one time or other grappled with.

    Transcending our own petty preoccupations for the greater good is a challenge that dogs us at every turn.I confess I don’t know how to do it. I spend a lot of time observing how individual human behaviour impacts on the community, how what we believe and do are influenced by what we’ve been taught, mostly subliminally. On these issues I’m filled with a quiet despair. I ‘ve never been involved in conventional warfare but I feel something analogous to what I imagine an aging revolutionary feels as he observes the scars from the wounds of battles still fresh in mind, and looks at what he has fought for, and wonders whether it was worth it. Keep on writing.

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