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Black History Month Musings

Black History Month Musings

By N Oji Mzilikazi

Originally appeared in Montreal Community Contact Volume 24, Number 03 February 06, 2014

The exploitation of people and resources are intrinsic to capitalism.

Capitalists do not care about the human condition, morals, the environment, or corporate responsibility. Theirs is fixation on maximum profitability. Thus labour for the least possible benefits hired accordingly, low wages, poor and dangerous working conditions — and unions birthed to prevent workers from being overly exploited.

Capitalism/Economics and forced enslavement have a long history of intimacy; being lovers.

The enslavement of Africans to be units of exploitable labour resulted in institutional/structural inequalities, polices that ensure the enslaved and progeny remain economically, educationally, and intellectually poor…


To be continued

1 thought on “Black History Month Musings

  1. N’Oji I enjoyed reading you as usual and I hope that I am now on your mailing list. I seldom get the Community Contact since they are snapped up at the shop near where I live. The shop keeper puts aside some for his favoured customers.
    I thought your skewing of Black Culture omitted some positive aspects of what has become our culture..
    Despite all the negatives that is Black culture we have managed to create a unique place of exceptional beauty among the ” Strange Fruit “. No other society in the modern western world has created an art form that is as distinct as our jazz and spirituals. Yes that has been also bastardized but out of all the misery visited upon us ” The Soul Of Black Folk ” perhaps to our own detriment remains aloof and apart from the other . That separateness generates a fear in the other which leads to phenomena as mass incarceration.
    The children of the infamy were never mules. One drop makes them ours . They are children of mixed race.

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