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Charles Barkley: Ignorance Personified

By N Oji Mzilikazi

18 July 2016

On the heels of four off-duty Minneapolis police officers working security at a WNBA’s Minnesota Lynx game leaving their posts on account of the players’ wearing pregame warm-up jerseys that carried the message of change, the names of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling who were shot to death by the police, and Black Lives Matter, ESPN sports journalist Bomani Jones delivered commentary that deserves not just acclamation, but being tweeted and retweeted.

Jones made the point: “You are not obligated to speak simply because you are good at doing something with a ball. That can lead you into some disastrous places.”

Time and time again, we’ve been exposed to personalities and celebrities pontificating on subjects and issues in which their understanding borders on the ignorant. But in their mind, and given a platform, they have Solomonic insights. When those persons are Black, their diarrhoea of the mouth becomes hurdles for people of African descent, as well as ammunition for those bent on sustaining inequalities; denying empowerment and social justice for the race…


2 thoughts on “Charles Barkley: Ignorance Personified

  1. I am so pleased to receive such a well written and thought out article. I only wish the local Black media would come to its senses and star publishing the work of a very talented Black voice.

  2. A truly thought provoking article. As is stated in the Good Book Mark 4: 9 “who hath ears to hear , let him hear”. Hearing is certainly one thing and understanding another. Charles Barkley is a true coconut, brown on the outside and white inside.
    I have recently had an article published in the U. S entitled THE GLARING FACTS BEHIND THE DASTARDLY ACTS, wherein it is laid bare all the facts that led up to the current retaliation by Blacks. Nothing happened overnight.
    Keep up the good work. Frierich Nietzsche , the famous philosopher, says thus: Man can endure anything but the Truth.

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