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Chris Chase Hatred Of Serena Williams — Continues

By N Oji Mzilikazi

31 August 2015

Not satisfied with egg all over his face with his Wimbledon prediction Serena Williams won’t win Wimbledon, Chris Chase is at it again.

In playing the law of averages, and as my people say, “The one day for thief, one day for police scenario,” Chase delivers Why Serena Williams will lose the U.S. Open.

It is sad that For The Win/USA Today continues to give Chris Chase ink so he could pursue his hate campaign against the Williams sisters, in this case Serena. I guess anything to get clicks on their website is worth it.

Don’t be deceived. As someone who takes names and dates, Chase ruminations are hate based. As previously pointed out on this blog, the sad man decried Serena winning the 2009 Associated Press Female Athlete of the Year Award. He chalked it up to “an epically bad slate of 2009 candidates.”

The writings of Chase, like that of Greg Couch, Selena Roberts (The New York Times), and Sally Jenkins (Washington Post) who said of Serena, Someday she may have to cope with the fact that real greatness isn’t hers, but rather, just a whisper of something she overheard through a door she never entered betray a running hatred towards the Williams.

Even if Serena fails to win the U.S. Open, or fails to tie or surpass Steffi Graf Grand Slam titles, Serena would still be the best female tennis player — ever.


Serena lost in the semi-finals to Roberta Vinci.

Chris Chase had to be overjoyed. He must’ve even gotten himself an erection as well. After all, his prediction of a Serena loss finally came true.

As if it’s something knowledgeable tennis fans didn’t know, Chase penned: Serena Williams is the sorest loser.

Venus told us so eons ago; ever since Serena took up a tennis racquet…

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