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By N Oji Mzilikazi

August 1, 2014

Do you remember the days of slavery?
History can recall, history can recall
History can recall the days of slavery
Oh slavery days! Oh slavery days!
While I remember, please remember

— Slavery Days

— Burning Spear

Today is Emancipation Day. Today we observe the Abolition of Colonial Slavery Act that abolished slavery “throughout the British colonies on, from and after the First of August, 1834.”

Today, we — who remember the Atlantic Slave Trade and Middle East Slave Trade that took the lives of over 32 million African men, women and children.

Today is Emancipation Day. Today we renew our commitment to educational and economic empowerment, and the eradication of self-sabotage, self-hatred, and underperformance that continue to plague people of African descent.

Today is Emancipation Day. Today, we remember the still present scars, and more importantly, the victories and achievements on this long, slow walk to racial elevation and personal freedom.

Happy Emancipation!

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