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Gratitude Is A Must

N Oji Mzilikazi

1 January 2022

Cyaan bawl ina life man
Gwan wid it, mi gwan wid it

Toast, yeah
Say we a come in wid a force, yeah

Blessings we a reap pon we course inna hand full
We nuh rise and boast
Yeah we give thanks like we need it the most
We haffi give thanks like we really supposed to, be thankful

Blessings all pon mi life and
Me thank God for di journey, di earnings a jus fi di plus
Gratitude is a must, yeah
Me see blessings fall by mi right hand

Koffee – Toast

Despite the sickness, death, discombobulation, havoc, willingly embraced misinformation, disinformation and stupidity engendered by Covid-19, the pandemic exposed human fragility and how easy it is for everything — people and things we love, care about, or that anchor us or give us a sense of self can be lost, taken away or destroyed in one fell swoop.

Recognition of how unimportant some of our priorities are and/or things once wholeheartedly believed to be important and subsequent reassessment prompted a different mindset that included automatic utilization of the pause and stop buttons on our console, as exemplified by the likes of Naomi Osaka and Simeone Biles, thankfulness and appreciation of life, the good people around us and what we have regardless of the size of our portion.

Even if we are unable to drink out of a saucer because our cup does not runneth over, gratitude is still a must! Small mercies are still worthy of praise and thanks.

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