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Mayor Gerald Tremblay’s Storm Troopers

Mayor Gerald Tremblay’s S/t/o/r/m Troopers

By N Oji Mzilikazi

March 8, 2012

(Originally published in the Montreal Community Contact Volume 22, Number 04)

On February 27, I was on the 165 Bus heading south – rush hour – shortly after 17h30, when it was stopped, boarded by three STM (La Société de transport de Montréal) inspectors; two males and a female. After barking out of instructions, they preceded to verify the electronic correspondence of all its commuters.

I’ve exited quite a few metro trains during rush hour and along with fellow travellers, confronted by a phalanx of inspectors verifying the correspondence of all debarking passengers. It’s no fun encountering inspectors blocking entrances and exits for fare and in some cases ID inspection, when running late or hustling to catch a bus…



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