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Poem: Our American Cousin


Our American Cousin
By N Oji Mzilikazi
27 April 2016

Borders broken, South West retaken,
Cholos, Chicanos have Gabachos frightened,
Demanding English only language legislation,
Banning the teaching of Mexican American studies,
Rejecting calls for reforms to immigration,
Stopping Hispanics for status verification.

The Lord of the Rings was great, excellent fiction.
In their second stab against “The Great Satan,”
Extremists desirous of an Islamic Caliphate
Brought down the Twin Towers,
Yet white extremist militias, white right-wing groups
Have no aversion to racial hate, domestic terrorism.

Bruce Lee was a master of Kung Fu,
The awaken sleeping dragon mimicking Fu Manchu,
For years Lou Dobbs raised a cry and hue,
Selective blindness to wide human rights abuse,
Cheap products laced with dangers,
Their manufacturing other nations can’t wait to use.
The 2008 Olympics gave them the biggest face,
Upped collaboration with Russia, India, others,
The U.S. Dollar as world currency to replace.

As if other nations are standing idly by,
Uninterested in the Red & Blue downwards slide,
Barbarians aren’t already inside the gates,
The opposition that is supposed to be loyal,
Refusing to put national interests before party,
Opposing every act/proposal by the Obama Administration,
Bent on shutting down government as political strategy.

Representation in taxation but invoking tea,
Lighting, fanning flames of racial animosity,
Initiating, supporting obstructionist policies,
Acts that undermine the nation’s growth, prosperity,
Hoping public dissatisfaction will oust the outsider,
Return them to the corridors of power,
Save the great nation they polarized, wrecked,
Impoverished, made to look puerile,
Unfit for world leadership.

Copyright © 2010 by N Oji Mzilikazi, All Rights Reserved

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