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Raising Princesses, Marrying Queens and Empresses Part 2

Raising Princesses, Marrying Queens and Empresses Part 2

By N Oji Mzilikazi

May 31, 2012

(Originally published in the Montreal Community Contact Volume 22, Number 10))

We are inundated by the smell and image of sex. Television, film, advertisements, magazines, clothing, music and videos invoke and or upraise sexual attractiveness, sexual desirability and idealised bodies. Technology, along with the Internet facilitates the easy capturing and transmission of sexual imagery, sex acts as well as employment as sexual functionaries…


2 thoughts on “Raising Princesses, Marrying Queens and Empresses Part 2

  1. Good, Good Article!!!

    Not to mention all the destructive aspects of those sitcom 24/7
    at BET, UPN and other channels. I think blacks are
    more worthed than T.V show’s like : The Game, Let’s Stay Together
    , Who did I get married to and those other B.S sitcom, still in 2012???

    But The question remain’s the same ? Who is controlling the mind
    of the black woman 2day ? Is it the agenda of our ancestors or the one of
    Viacom, Vivendi and Clear Channel

    p.s : 2 good books : 1- The Black Woman, Blackgodess by Akil
    2- Black Woman in Antiquity by I.Van Sertima

    Prod Noir All Star Inc.

    1. Don’t get me started with Black sitcoms…

      Jews have known centuries of hatred. Those that lived in America prior to the rise of Nazi Germany and those who fled to its shores during and after, cannot but be acutely aware of America’s hatred of people of African descent. Yet, as studio owners, producers and overall controllers of the film industry, they felt no way about capitalizing on racism and continuing with the exploitation of the Negro stereotype.

      They developed sitcoms that promoted Black stereotypes, supported inter-minority racism, and for Blacks to debase themselves.

      While Jewish filmmakers, producers, playwrights, singers and composers have repeatedly used the dysfunction and psychological disfigurement arising out of slavery as a source of profits, comedic material, musical operas and so on, they have refrained from doing so with the Holocaust.

      The film and television industry remains one of the most cultural signifier there is. If studio owners and producers are bias, racist, sexist, or diametrically opposed to an ideology, philosophy, religion or culture; their prejudice will be reflected in their work. Until Black actors refuse to be a participant in their own dehumanization and that of the race, nothing will change.

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