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Sense & Sensibilities

Sense & Sensibilities

By N Oji Mzilikazi

July 12, 2012

(Originally published in the Montreal Community Contact Volume 22, Number 13)

Ti m’ba r’oto ma so, o le panu mi de
Je’nwi temi o, o le panu mi de
Otito ko ro, o le panu mi de
Bo ti mi mo’le o, o le panu mi de
Otito ko ro o, omo araiye o fe
Be fe, befe o, mi a wi temi

(If I see the truth, I will say it, you can’t shut me up
Let me say mine, you can’t close my mouth
Truth is bitter, you can’t shut me up
You can imprison me, but you can’t close my mouth
The truth is bitter, the world hates it
Like it or not, I will say mine)

– “Je’nwi temi”

— Fela Kuti














1 thought on “Sense & Sensibilities

  1. You are truly a talented writer in every respect and I agree with the overall message of the article. It troubles me deeply when I have read two of your articles that can essentially lead your readers to equates Jamaicans with violence (one article where a Jamaican woman studying in Trinidad threw a bottle at another person during carnival and this one). I believe these occurrences that you have chosen to magnify serves a counter productive purpose. Jamaicans are peaceful people.
    One love.

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