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Aging: Planning Makes A Big Difference

By N Oji Mzilikazi

Originally appeared in the Montreal Community Contact Volume 27, Number 21 October 17, 2019

Aging is an inevitable aspect of living. Its absence from general school curricula has generation after generation of young adults living in the moment, not thinking or planning too far ahead, thus ignorant and unprepared for retirement and old age. The unpreparedness is exacerbated when leadership couldn’t be bothered to dispense advice regarding planning for old age and there are no peers to encourage same…


N Oji Mzilikazi is the author of Shards of Glass and president of the Council for Black Aging Community of Montreal Inc.

The Council’s 18th Conference, Health & Wellness: Beating The Odds takes place October 26, 2019, at Le Nouvel Hotel &Spa Info: 514-935-4951