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Empire: The Idiocy of Terrance Howard

Empire: The Idiocy of Terrance Howard

By N Oji Mzilikazi

22 March 2015

Empire, the Fox hip hop soap drama, starring Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard is without a doubt the breakout television show of 2015, as evidenced by its unprecedented eight-week growth streak in the key demo, adults 18-49.

And per Variety, viewership gains for a tenth straight week and a demo delivery not seen by any broadcast series in nearly six years.

In a March 16, 2015, interview with hosts Kit Hoover and Billy Bush of “Access Hollywood Live,” Howard opined that the N-word should be used in Empire to make the show more authentic, and queried, Why is it that we don’t hear it on TV anymore?

When Hoover asked, “What does the n* word mean to you though?” Howard response included that “It could mean love.”

Terrence Howard should be the last person to endorse the N-word.

In a December 2011 filing in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Howard stated that his ex-wife, Michelle Howard, who isn’t black, on several occasions called him a monkey and the n-word and threatened to have him killed by a group of Russians.

Jews were the original ghetto dwellers; ghettos were coined and made for them, yet you would never hear any self-respecting Jew “big-up” the ghetto or express love for the ghetto.

For all the stereotypes associated with Jews and slurs used against them, you’d never see them portrayed or expressed in films or on television, while Jewish producers and directors in film and television continually uphold Black stereotypes in their works.

For all the stereotypes associated with Jews and slurs used against them, you’d never hear a Jewish actor employ them to disempower them or to have a conversation about them.

Terrence Howard is one clueless kneegrow…