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Mother’s Day: The Case For Marriage

Mother’s Day: The Case For Marriage

By N Oji Mzilikazi

Originally published in the Montreal Community Contact Volume 23, Number 09 May 2, 2013

Alluyh hear dis thing, one foot Vizina pick up a ring

Mama dat is ting, one foot Vizina now get a ring

From de day she married, Vizzie get left-handed

Anything dat she had to do is

Is de ring on she finger she showing you

An if yuh hear she

I am Mrs. Joseph, I’m eh one foot Vizzie again

Call me Mistress Joseph, yuh have to put handle to meh name

Now ah have a legal husband, I’m a highfaluting ooman

Allyuh look at me, Vizzie,

Today ah reach in society.

“One Foot Visina” by Mighty Duke

Trinidad & Tobago 1969 Calypso Monarch song

Quebec is believed to have the largest concentration of unmarried couples in the world. This past January, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that unmarried couples in Quebec have no right to alimony/spousal support upon their separation — no matter how many years they’ve lived together…


Happy Mother’s Day!!!