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How Stupid Can We Be?

How Stupid Can We Be?

By N Oji Mzilikazi

August 7, 2012

Olympic Gold is the epitome of athletic achievement. The fact that the Olympics occur every four years adds to the prestige of its medals.

Kim Collins, the St Kitts & Nevis flag bearer, former 100m world champion, and a national hero was axed by his team for flouting team rules and spending the night in a hotel with his wife.

In the prima donna style of entitlement, wrong but self-righteous fashion, and victimhood, he tweeted he would never represent his country again, and even conjugal visits are allowed in prison.

Given the impermanence that governs relationships; who knows if the person you are with today will be at your side five years from now, this 36-year-old man – acting as if he now discovered sex, told BBC radio they’re asking him to abandon his wife for the team, and he’s not going to do that.

Collins went to London 2012 on his country’s dime, and in its service. As a fifth time Olympian, he of all persons knows loyalty is due. Considering the occasion, it is backwardness to think that not getting together with your spouse or lover until your events are over is undue hardship. (Imagine if he was deployed to Iraq or worked on an oil rig out at sea – he would’ve been a candidate for suicide.)

Without consideration to the school of thought that advance sex before competition debilitates, the cloistering of athletes in their respective villages protects. It prevents athletes from being bribed to throw an event, consuming food or beverage that could be tampered with to produce a positive drug test or sicken, also being assaulted to lose their event(s). Kudos to the St Kitts and Nevis Olympic Committee in disciplining his rass.