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To Rectify Damage, Reverse Paralysis Conclusion Part 1


By N Oji Mzilikazi

Originally published in the Montreal Community Contact Volume 24, Number 13 June 26, 2014

A rule of success is to “Beat the iron while it is hot.” More so in this internet age of information overflow, information access, and social media hydra-headedness that overwhelming has focus on the trite, superfluous, just what is current. And news is fast, immediate, and quickly forgotten.

The partial collapse of the historic Negro Community Centre (NCC) in Little Burgundy on April 13 that prompted this series …


3 thoughts on “To Rectify Damage, Reverse Paralysis Conclusion Part 1

  1. CS Bayne and Gregory Charles are in ugly company here. Last month The Chair Person of the Union United Church which is in desperate need of funds for renovation gave one million dollars to lilly white Selwyn House which some years ago had thrown out her son who has since developed into an NBA millionaire journeyman. She proudly sent out the news release which appeared in La Presse then told several people that it was not true.So thrilled was the establishment that the lady was named CJAD : “Hero of the Month.”
    I admire the fact that you have the gonads to speak to truth when it appears that yon are all alone out there. The old farts will continue to stink up the community long after they have eaten ah food.

    1. Mr. Jeffers,

      All I’ve known are songs of liberation and empowerment so I must speak up and speak out. We cannot build a healthy, vibrant community or elevate the race by enabling community pimps, self-sabotage, weakness, and stupidity.

      Only this morning I found out about that million dollar donation, and I’ll definitely so a search as to its veracity.

      N Oji

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